las vegas rock stars.

I’m heading to Las Vegas in a few days as a tourist for the first time in awhile. So I bumped around the Internet to catch up on attractions, places to go, things to see. There is no shortage of consumer reviews. But for all the oohs and ahs about Cirque du Soleil shows, nightclubs and restaurants, there’s one thing missing from all this: the human element.

Are there no websites out there where people can sound off on their favorite dealers and their favorite bartenders? Or concierges and hosts?

Las Vegas is a town driven by customer service. The better they take care of you, the better you take care of them, or so the axiom goes. Think about it. When you go on vacation to Vegas, you’ll talk about everything you saw and did (well, almost everything). And if you’re a gambler, you’ll talk about your dealers. You’ll talk about the cocktail waitresses. You’ll talk about the bartenders. So why don’t we have user forums to share those experiences with the wider audience?

Here’s a good example: every blackjack player who’s been to Vegas in the past 10 years knows Chicago Ken at the Imperial Palace. The guy is legendary, honestly. But why don’t we know any of the other dealers up and down the Strip? Good question.

Bill Simmons at’s Page 2 said a few years ago he things the big joints should let groups of players select their dealer for the night a la Bunny Ranch style. He makes a good point. If you’re a good dealer and you’ve got a group who wants to play with you and are willing to shell out the bucks to do it, why not? Everybody wins.

My proposal is an extension of that. Give travelers a better sense of the human element that drives Las Vegas. Granted, it’s tougher in the corporate culture out there, since that human element has been overcooked into metrics by bean counters. But it’s not impossible.

I’m wise to the fact that dealers and service types themselves would troll the site to either pimp themselves or throw others under the bus, so it would require intense moderation.

As much as I love the resorts, the shows and the sights, I love the people even more. It’s time we treat them like the rock stars they are.


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